Air Plasma spray facility

Atmospheric plasma spray facility is one of the important and most widely used thermal spray techniques.  In atmospheric plasma spray process, ceramic powders get melted in the plasma flame and traverse with high speed and get deposited on the substrate. By adjusting the plasma spray and powder feed parameters dense or porous coatings can be obtained. At SED, this facility is being used for the development of thermal barrier coatings (TBC), coatings for solid oxide fuel cells and biomedical applications. An attachment for suspension and solution precursor plasma spraying has been indigenously fabricated.

Plasma spray

Plasma spray

Specifications: 80 kW, 9 MC Control unit, 9 MB Spray gun with XY manipulator assembly

Model, Make: Sulzer Metco 9M

Last updated on : 27-09-2020 12:52:17am