Modeling and Simulation

Modelling and simulation techniques are used in all the flight simulator facilities mentioned.

  • Computationally efficient table look-up techniques for real-time simulation dealing huge aerodynamic and engine database (F1 & F2)

  • Efficient computational tools for nonlinear flight dynamic analysis (F1 & F2)

  • Modeling of turboprop engine (F2)

  • Fuel sub-system modeling (F2 & F3)



Specifications NA


Facilities where this technique is used   Mentioned above


Major mile stones / results of this technique

            These modeling and simulation techniques result in better results and thereby provide more realistic cues to the pilots.


First flight of LCA-TEJAS during 2001 successfully accomplished due to the fact that real-time simulators trials are more close to the flight. (F1)

Successful completion of IOC for LCA-TEJAS (F1)

Simulator trials for FOC (F1)

Successful ramp take-off for LCA naval variant at SBTF, Goa based on the simulator trials (F1)



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