Refined Ray Tracing Package for Aircraft Cabin Applications

Refined Ray Tracing Package for Aircraft Cabin Applications is a software developed in-house towards efficient computation of ray path details inside aircraft passenger cabin. This ray tracing package is developed for analysis of both empty aircraft cabin as well as aircraft cabin with floorboard and windows. The radio-frequency (RF) field mapping and its analysis inside a large passenger aircraft is a complex EM analysis problem owing to its inherent concavity. Further hybrid surface modeling required for such concave enclosures leads to ray proliferation, thereby making the problem computationally intractable. In this software package, a large passenger aircraft cabin is modeled as a single-curvatured elliptical cylindrical cavity having floorboard and windows. Unlike the available ray-tracing packages that use extensive numerical search methods, a quasi-analytical ray-propagation model is developed here which involves a uniform ray launching, an intelligent scheme for ray bunching and an adaptive reception algorithm to obtain the ray-path details inside the concave cabin. The ray path details are inputs for the RF field mapping inside the aircraft cabin.


S/w Code Ref.: 014/CR/2013
Registration No.: SW-7550/2013

Facilities where this techniques is used

Boeing, USA

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