Electrospinning Facility

Electrospinning Facility

Electrospinning is a technique used for preparing polymer and ceramic nanofibers using high viscous polymer solution subjected to high DC electric field. Typical potential difference applied in the range of 8-30 kV between tip to collector distance of 10-20 cm.



Photograph of Electrospinning Unit


  Equipment Details

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 Supplier: E-SPIN Nanotech,   Kanpur, UP, India



  • Operates by computer controlled software.
  • Options to control the drum speed, solution flow rate, Oscillation, X-Y axis, humidity and temperature of the  chamber, high voltage.
  • Flow rate can be changed during operation.
  • Multiple spinning heads with 10 syringes.


  • Water filtration for removal of fine particles and microbial elements


  • Light weight Fabrics for Defense and Healthcare Industries


  • Air /Industrial air filtration





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