Chemical Vapour Infiltration (CVI) Reactor

CVI Reactor is used to carry out the CVI process, in which the gaseous precursors are transported to the interior of a heated porous preform, allowed them to react at low pressure (1-20 m.Bar) and high temperature (800-1400°C) and form the refractory solid matrix  to density the preform to obtain tough Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC). This facility is established in 2005 and acquired more than a decade of experience in operation and maintenance of the reactor facility.



  Equipment Details

  Key Features

  Application Areas

  • CVI/CVD Reactor suitable for SiC, PyC, BN, B4C, Si3N4 and related materials
  • Top-loading reactor with a working zone 850 mm diameter by 960 mm high
  • All graphite, working zone is suitable for operation up to 1,400ºC at pressures between 1 and 300 mbar.
  • Substrates and components are carried on rotating platform
  • Working Zone : 850 mm diameter x 950 mm height
  • Temperature range: 800-1,400ºC
  • Pressure range : 2-300 m bar
  • Pressure measurement : Absolute pressure transducer
  • Feed gases : Ar, N2, BCl3, NH3, CH4
  •  Feed liquids : CH3SiCl3
  • Flow control : Mass Flow Controllers
  • CMC fabrication (e.g. Cf/SiC, SiCf/SiC, Cf/C, Cf/Si3N4 etc.,)
  • CVD coatings
  • Densification of porous materials obtained from other processes
  • CMC components for strategic sectors (Defence, energy, space, aerospace)
  •  Hybrid composites


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