SARAS Flight Simulator Facility

SARAS Flight Simulator Facility

This facility is being used by the flight crew primarily for procedures training and by the SARAS design teams for testing of the systems like AFCS. The specifications of this flight simulator have been jointly evolved between FMCD, C-CADD and SARAS flight crew from ASTE. The simulation models of SARAS specific sub-systems are developed and integrated to the flight simulator facility. Programmable feel system for reversible primary flight control has also been integrated. The cockpit panels and displays resembling SARAS aircraft and driven by sub-system simulation models are integrated though an I/O system. Further, SARAS AFCS has also been integrated for autopilot testing. The visual database has been developed using open source tools and corresponds HAL Bangalore International Airport and the surrounding terrain.




SARAS Flight Training Device


  • Familiarization of Cockpit Controls and Displays, Training of Pilots in Normal and Emergency Procedures

  • Test and Evaluation of Auto Pilot SW

  • Cockpit controls (Actual / Simulated).

  • Simulated cockpit Displays, Instruments, Switches and   Annunciations

  • Three Window Visual System -  Seamless projection system -  Spherical Screen

  • Programmable Control Feel System.

  • 6DOF Aircraft Model

  • Simulation of Aircraft systems (Engine, Electrical, Hydraulics, Navigation etc.)



Indigenous seamless three window projection system with camera based auto-calibration for a spherical screen with FOV of168 x 45 deg


Techniques applied in this facility

  • Simulation based virtual reality

  • Computationally efficient table look-up techniques for real-time simulation dealing huge aerodynamic and engine database

  • Efficient computational tools for nonlinear flight dynamic analysis



Major clients of this facility: C-CADD, NAL  & ASTE, Bangalore

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