The accuracy of the CFD simulation results is directly linked to meshing. the better the mesh in quality, the more accurate results can be expected. It is a critical part of the CFD simulation process that needs thorough understanding of the meshing/ grid generation steps in both Structured and Unstructured grids. The Pointwise pre-processing tool being used for mesh generation process. In that we used various techniques grid topology and multi-block grids for Structured grid. For unstructured grids T-rex techniques, sources for increase the fineness in certain areas to capture flow physics accurately.


Generation of various grids for various applications/groups:

  1. Mesh free group
  2. Steady flow analysis Mirage/Saras aircraft
  3. Unsteady analysis for LCA (structured grid) imprans group
  4. Unsteady RANS simulations for Saras Propeller (unstructrued grid) Su2 group
  5. Saras propeller analysis using Disc theory (Dr Venkatesh) group


Surface grid of structured grid of combat aircraft


Surface grid and volume grid of unstructured grid of combat aircraft

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