Suraj C S

Suraj C S

Suraj C S completed BE in Mechanical Engineering from The Oxford College of Engineering under the Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU), Belgaum in 2006. He joined CSIR-NAL in 2008 as Junior Scientist in the Propulsion Division under Transonic Cascade Tunnel (TCT) group. Later was transferred to MAV Unit to work on development of MAV technologies, which was very nascent back then. He along with Roshan Antony designed CSIR-NALs first micro air vehicle called Black Kite 300, which was a 300mm span MAV that was successfully flown in fully autonomous mode. Black Kite 300 was a benchmark MAV for research activities of different divisions of CSIR-NAL over the following years. Following the success of Black Kite, many other projects and programs were undertake at CSIR-NAL. He is actively involved in the development of mini UAVs, MAVs and Flapping wing MAVs related technologies at CSIR-NAL. He has worked on national programs on development of MAV technologies like NP-MICAV, NAL-ADE MAV Program, 12th FYP on MAV Technologies, CSIR FTT Program. He has undertaken a number of projects in the capacity of project leader and worked closely with other government organizations for sponsorship and funding for MAV/UAV technology development.

Suraj took up the task of flight testing of MAVs/UAVs and filled the void of an experienced UAV pilot that is required for this kind of activity. His skills have helped many projects like Black Kite300, Pushpak 450, Microbeacon 150, to progress. MAVs of this size is very tough to fly due to its sensitivity and needs an on board controller to stabilize the vehicles. He has also configured electronics systems like flight data recorder, autopilot for MAVs.

He has supported a number of project students and groups over the years by giving them challenging assignments and guided them to complete the work for their degree.

His interests are in flight controls, GCS development that is used in CSIR-NAL developed UAVs, electronics design, system configuration for UAVs.

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