Shashant Anand

Shashant Anand

Shashant Anand is a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kanpur. He joined CSIR-NAL on 2016 as Scientist and previously worked as a QHF in the MAV unit from 2013. Immediately after joining he was assigned to work under the 12th FYP project for MAV technologies and took the responsibility of designing the Class I UAV Griffin which had an all up weight of 2.5 kg. This design has been patented.

He is the aerodynamic designer for all MAVs/UAVs designed at MAV unit. Based on the mission parameters defined or formulated, he can configure a suitable vehicle to meet the required performance. Apart from the aerodynamic design of MAVs/UAVs, he also looks into the flight data analysis. He is proficient with MATLAB and carries out all his analysis on tools like ANSYS, MATLAB. He also guides M.Tech/B.Tech students by identifying research problems that is of significance to MAV Units activities.

His research interests includes Design of Fixed wing MAV, Design of Rotary UAV for agricultural and mining applications and Product Design of UAVs. 

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