Palaniswamy Shanmugam

Palaniswamy Shanmugam

Mr.P.Shanmugam is currently working for UAV DESIGN AND INTEGRATION DIVISION at the CSIR National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. He obtained Master’s Degree in Engineering with a specialization of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (2005) from PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY- ANNAUNIVERSTY and currently pursuing his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering in the area of UAV-Morphing Wing Technology at MIT (MADARS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY) ANNA UNIVERSITY. He has contributed in the multi-disciplinary area for National programmes of Design & Development of HANSA, SARAS & NM5 at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. He has also made significant contributions to  the Design and Development of Hybrid UAS (Tethered Aerostat + Quad-Rotorcraft) for Aerial surveillance for the Anna University and has successfully deployed the Technology Demonstration Programme (TDP) in public gathering festival at TIRUVANNAMALAI for the Tamilnadu State Police. 

    His significant contributions to the SARAS programme has been in the areas of system design, mechanical design, development of electrical systems, avionics, flight testing and equipping and planning and execution of MRP1, MRP2 for SARAS electrical systems and electrical system coordination for all test flights of PT1 and PT2 and monitoring the electrical parameters at the Telemetry with maintenance of ground support equipment. 
    For the HANSA programme he has made notable contributions in design and development and execution of loom preparation for HANSA. He is also involved in the equipping and system integration for HANSA. Another notable contribution is lighting system protection preparation and conducting the test at CABS (DRDO facilities). He has been awarded the CSIR certificate of recognition -IPR -Patent for Lightning Arrester - HANSA. He has contributed towards manufacturing of composite parts & metal parts of and assemblies of HANSA-2, HANSA-2RE and HANSA-3. He has upgraded HANGAR workshop and maintained the ground support equipment for HANSA2, HANSA-2RE. He is involved in flight testing & flight operation of HANSA2, HANSA 2RE and HANSA 3.

He has notably contributed for LCRA Schematic Development of Flight testing, System Integration for flight testing and Analysis of flight data.   

He has also been involved in the design and development of MIP / mechanical design / installation design for CNM-5 and significantly contributed to the realization of glass-cockpit for modified version of CNM-5 along with OEM (Garmin), in the mockup model.   

Research Areas of Interest: 

Morphing wing Technology for UAV 
He is currently an active researcher in developing morphing wing for VTOL -     UAV system The VTOL UAV is a part of 12th FYP ASTA programme.

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