Multi agent Cooperative Control Processor-in-the Loop (PIL) Facility

  • Established the formation flying Processor -in-the Loop (PIL) to test formation flying of multiple MAVs in desktop environment

  • This was used extensively for testing 2 MAV’s in formation flight.

  • Successfully established the formation flying Processor-in-the Loop (PIL) setup using APM boards, Xbees, Desktops/Laptops for testing 2 MAVs on ground. This is an important step towards real flight testing. In this PIL setup, the designed control algorithms can be integrated to the actual MAV autopilot board and tested on ground for its integrity and satisfactory performance. This setup will give a great amount of confidence and will bring out any integration/algorithm issues well before flight testing.

  • This facility is easily scalable to test more than 2 MAV’s



  • High Performance desktop computers to simulate individual MAV’s

  • ARM based Autopilot boards

  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless radio transmitter and receivers

  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless inter MAV transmitter and receivers


Techniques applied in this facility


Various techniques simulated and verified in this facility are pursuit based guidance control, l-psi control, LQR formation control and L1 adaptive control


Major clients of this facility


NPMICAV programme, ADE, Bangalore, India

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