Electromagnetic Materials Applications Facility

  • An ISO-certified National facility

  • State-of-the-art EM characterization measurements of different types of EM materials

  •  Frequency range: 200 MHz -170 GHz

  • Capable of catering EM material charac. in sectors such as agro-food industries, chemical industries, medical industries etc.

  •  Providing support to R&D organizations, academia and industries at national/ international arena


Specifications/ Techniques applied in this facility: 

  • Wave Guide System (26 GHz -170 GHz) for thin slabs

  • Dielectric Probe (200 MHz-50 GHz) for solids and liquids

  • Free Space method (2 GHz- 40 GHz) for large flat panels

  • Quasi-optic bench (75 GHz – 110 GHz) for thin substrates


Major clients of this facility:           

  • Strategic sector                       (Low observables, Stealth technology, RCS, RAS)

  • Medical industry                      (Medical imaging/ Scans, Malignant tissues detection)

  • Agro-Food processing            (Vegetables, fruits, juices, Denaturing of food)

  • Textile industry                         (Wearable antennas, Temperature adjusted textile)

  • Antenna & Microwaves sector(High-gain antennas, RF/ microwave components)

  • THz domain                              (Security, Imaging/ Scanning)

  • Architecture - Buildings          (EMI/ Shielding)

  • Automobile industry                 (Collision avoidance radar - CAR)

  • Chemical industry                       (Process flow control sensors)


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