Component level and full scale structural testing

  Established in 1982

  • Multichannel (37 Channel)Test Controller System
  • 80 Nos. of Servo hydraulic Actuators for load simulation with varying load and displacement capacities
  • Hydraulic power packs of various capacities (from 4 lpm to 260 lpm @ 3000 psi).
  • High speed data acquisition system (upto 1000 channels)
  • Full scale fatigue testing and Life extension studies for fighter aircrafts.


Component level and full scale structural testing


 Test features :

Full scale fatigue testing throughout the test life cycle include:

  • Test definition and management
  •  Rig design
  •  Loads spectrum development
  • Test article instrumentation
  • Rig assembly and commissioning
  • Fatigue testing
  • Documentation


The facility consists of following Test Equipment:

Multi channel test controllers

37 channel MOOG Multi- channel Controllers


Data Acquisition systems

1000 channel SYSTEM  5000   Data Acquisition Systems


  1. Servo hydraulic actuators

INSTRON make servo hydraulic actuators with

Load cell (fatigue rated) Capacity range     

5-30 Tons


Hydraulic Power packs

Capacity range 80-250 lpm with 2000 psi operating pressure


  1. Measurement systems

Advanced Displacement & Measuring sensors CDS,

 LVDT, Digital pressure guages

sid5  sid6

Test Application  : To provide solutions to structural testing and evaluation for static and fatigue tests at component level and life extension studies at full scale fatigue test

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