Mr. Mahesh Kadam has obtained Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UVCE, Bengaluru (2004), and Master’s degree in Machine Design from BMS college of engineering, Bengaluru (2012). He joined CSIR in April 1999 and is presently working as a Senior Scientist at the Structural Technologies Division, NAL, Bengaluru. His major areas of interest are Mechanical Engineering Design, Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, Mechanism Synthesis, Multibody dynamics and Additive manufacturing (3D printing). 

Presently, he is working on the under carriage design for military and transport aircrafts. He has worked in the areas of Ultra high pressure vessel design and analysis, Composite Isogrid Structures design for deployable antennas in space applications, Mechanism synthesis and design for bio-mimicking in Ornithopter applications, Model design for supersonic and subsonic wind tunnels, structural design of Aeroacoustic jet facility etc. He was also involved in establishing 3D printing facility for functional prototyping, concept demonstration and constructing low speed wind tunnel models.

He has more than 6 publications in international refereed journals and conferences in addition to invited lectures. He has published more than 25 internal technical write ups/ publications at NAL.

6.       Publications

Journal papers

  1. Mahesh Kadam, Balamurugan G, Aditya A. Bujurke, Keertivardhan M. Joshi, “Estimation of static burst pressure in unflawed high pressure cylinders using nonlinear FEA”, [J]. Thin-Walled Structures, 2017, DOI: 10.1016/j.tws.2017.05.022


Conference Proceedings


  1. Mahesh Kadam, Balamurugan G, Aditya A. Bujurke, Keertivardhan M. Joshi, “Finite Element prediction of static burst pressure in closed thick- walled unflawed cylinders of different diameter ratios”, 11th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics, Implast 2016, Procedia Engineering 173 (2017) 577 – 584


  1. Manasa M V, Mahesh Kadam, Balamurugan G, “Synthesis and analysis of Figure-of-Eight path generation mechanism based on four-bar for emulating Humming bird hovering flight”, MSC Software India User Conference 2017, October 13th, Bangalore, India  


  1. Mahesh Kadam, Aditya Bujurke, Keertivardhan Joshi, Jayarami Reddy P., Balamurugan G, Dynamic Load Estimation in Articulated Landing gears using MSC/ADAMS”, 2016 MSC Simulation and analysis conference, September 2nd Bangalore, INDIA


  1. Sandhya R, Mahesh Kadam, Balamurugan G, H K Rangavittal, “Synthesis and Analysis of Geared Five Bar Mechanism for Ornithopter Applications", 2nd International and 17th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms, iNaCoMM2015, December 2015, IIT-Kanpur, India


  1. Mahesh Kadam, D V Venkatasubramanyam, C N Sathyanarayana, “Design and Analysis of 0.8m Isogrid Stiffened Parabolic Reflector for Satellite Application”, Workshop on Design of Antenna and Radar Systems (DARS 2009), ISTRAC Bangalore

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