Full scale Structural Testing facility

Full scale structural tests are essential to qualify the structure for flight.  ACD- NAL has state-of-the-art test facility to conduct static and fatigue testing for full-scale aircraft composite structures and major components. The facility is managed by technical personnel having experience in structural testing of variety of aircraft structures in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The facility consists of equipment and systems capable of carrying out tests towards

  • Performance of static & fatigue load tests on primary airframes, subsystems and components
  • Investigations into damage tolerance characteristics, crack propagation and residual strength
  • Determination of deformations, stiffness, fracture strength and fracture characteristics
  • Development of test concepts,  test fixtures, load frames and post-test documentation



This facility consists of

  • MTS hydraulic power supply unit of up to 100 lpm at 3000 psi
  • 10 channel Servo Control system and extendable up to 32 channels (capacity of 53 ton servo controlled hydraulic jacks)
  • Capacity of 50 ton manual control hydraulic loading cylinders
  • 24 channels Universal Data acquisition system for static and fatigue measurement of strain, displacement, pressure and temperature
  • 10 non contact,18 draw–wire sensors for  displacement measurements
  •  High capacity (100 ton) dynamic axial test system


Major clients of this facility:

Government, public sector, PSU private sectors, R&D establishments, DRDO and Educational Institutes


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