In R&D organization, Electrical facility management is a professional management discipline focused on the efficient and effective delivery of quality  Electrical Power and other Electrical support services related to various diversified R&D facilities and making sure electrical systems of the built environment, or facility, work harmoniously. They are important because they make sure the places, in which people innovate, develop, learn and live safe, comfortable, productive and sustainable.

Electrical section developed its own EHT electrical transmission and distribution network inside the campus since the amount of electrical power necessary for the running National importance projects experiments is significant. The Electrical section is responsible for the Electrical energy management, operation, transmission and distribution network from 66 kilovolts to 400/230 volts, as well as Solar Plant networks for CSIR-NAL, CSIR-4PI and 411 staff quarters. Its main missions are to operate, maintain, consolidate and upgrade these networks. It also analyses and makes projections for the NAL electrical energy consumption and manages the relations with the electricity suppliers, provides technical support during procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of sophisticated electrical equipment, rigs and also develops, installs, tests and commissioning of  major electrical facilities for the end user scientists based on their Electrical requirements and also directly supports in pure R&D Activity in the field of Advanced Electrical Technologies used for National importance projects.

The Electrical section encompasses multi-disciplinary groups to achieve the above objectives namely

  1. 2X5MVA and 2X10MVA ,66kV SUB Station and 1.2Mwp Solar Plant Management Group
  2. Electrical Projects SITC and Development Group
  3. NAL LAB’s Maintenance  Group
  4. NAL Staff Quarters Maintenance  Group
  5. Electrical R&D Support  Group


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