Acoustic Test Facility (ATF) was established in the year 1986 and is a national facility for testing satellites and launch vehicle stages & subsystems for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).  The ATF is also a Ministry of Environment & Forests/ Central Pollution Control Board approved certification agency for noise. ATF is also involved in noise and vibration analysis for a variety of aerospace/defence organizations.  ATF also undertakes design, development and commissioning of large reverberant acoustic test facilities, Direct Field Acoustic Test setups as well systems for noise generation and control. 

 ATF has a 1100 cubic meter reverberation chamber made of hard reflecting walls to ensure a diffused sound field with broad band characteristics.  Noise sources which are coupled to the chamber through horns are supplied with compressed air and modulated by electro-pneumatic transducers producing 120 acoustic Kilo Watt power to obtain a sound pressure level of 157 decibels in the reverberant chamber.   The time average of mean square sound pressure level is more or less same everywhere in this reverberation chamber.  It has performed more than 3000 acoustic blowdowns and tested more than 100 spacecraft, launch vehicles and its sub systems.



Geometry                                           :  Rectangular

Volume (cu.m)                                    : 1100

Dimensions (l x b x h – mtrs)              : 10.33 x 8.2 x 13


Maximum Overall

Sound Pressure Level (OASPL) dB   : 157 (Ref. 20µ Pa)

Frequency range (Hz)                        : 25 – 10,000

Spatial Distribution OASPL (dB)        : +/- 1 in central 10% volume


Acoustic spectrum control &

measurement                                      : 16 channel (m+P acoustic control system)

Vibration measurement                      : 192 channel (PROSIG)

Strain measurement                           : 16 Channel (PROSIG)


Clean room facility Class                    : 100,000

Clean room area                                 : 210 sq. m


Specimen handling system

Electric hoist                                        : 5 ton – 2 nos

EOT                                                    : 5 ton– 1 no & 20 ton–1 no.

Specimen transport trolley                  : 10 ton with rail system




  1. Wide band noise spectra simulation for acoustic testing of spacecraft and launch vehicle sub systems.
  2. Real time vibration response data acquisition and analysis.


MAJOR CLIENTS OF THIS FACILITY:  Indian Space Research Organisation

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