Servo Hydraulic Actuation System test rig



A 3000 psi closed loop hydraulic actuation system test rig has been established in 2016 to evaluate the performance characteristics of Flapper nozzle servo valves and Direct drive valves. The test rig can be run in both closed and open loops. System pressure can be varied (max. 300 psi) based on test requirements. The test rig has been realized in modular form to further modify based on test requirements.

Major Specifications:

Power pack : Motor (20 hp, 1440 rpm), Pump (210 bar & 25 LPM axial piston type) with pressure control manifold


Valve manifold is integrated with flow, pressure and temperature sensors

Position sensor is integrated to measure the actuator stroke

All sensors are ± 0.1 % accurate on full scale


Controller & DAS:

 Single axis position controller with servo valve & LVDT/RVDT

 in loop (4 kHz loop rate)

16 channel DAS is provided to acquire sensor information


Techniques applied:

System identification techniques has been applied to fit the simulation model for Servo valves based on test data

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