1.2m Trisonic Wind Tunnel

1.2m Trisonic Wind Tunnel1

Working section

1.2m x 1.2m


Intermittent blowdown

Test duration

40 seconds (typical)

Mach number range

0.2 to 4.0

Transonic insert

Perforated walls, 60° inclined holes at top and bottom with 65 open area, normal holes at sides with 20% open area.

Stagnation pressure

1.5 to 8.0 bar

Reynolds number

8x106 to 60x106 per meter

Model incidence

-15° to +27°, continuous and step mode

Model roll angle

0° to 360°

Model side-slip range

 -10° to 10° using TRMS

Special controls

Transonic Mach number control, transonic Mach number sweep and pressure sweep.

Special rigs

  • Captive trajectory system for aircraft store separation studies

  • Semi-captive trajectory rig for multi-booster separation studies of launch vehicles

  • Forced oscillation rig for dynamic derivative measurements in pitch and yaw

  • Jet simulation rig

  • Sting, ventral strut, side strut support system

  • Beta sector for yaw tests

  • Roll Damping Rig

Major test capabilities

  • Force and moment measurements

  • Unsteady pressure measurements

  • Steady pressure measurements

  • Hinge moment measurements

  • Air-intake tests

  • Half-model support system

  • Multi-booster separation studies

  • Store carriage and separation tests

  • Forced oscillation technique for dynamic derivative measurements in pitch and yaw

  • Roll damping derivative measurements

  • Aero-elastic testing

  • Helmet tests


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