SUCHAN is an all-composite, lightweight, modular mini-UAV designed and developed by CSIR-NAL. It has been designed to meet high altitude operational requirements and has a ceiling altitude of 5000m above sea level. Being indigenously designed and developed, this mini-UAV is a far more cost effective solution than other UAVs with similar payload capabilities and gives the advantage in terms of support and services.

It can be programmed for autonomous missions or operated manually utilizing the advanced avionics and precise GPS navigation. Being hand-launched Suchan provides aerial observation, day or night (with interchangeable camera options), at line-of-sight ranges up to 10 kilometres. It comes with a retractable 2-axis stabilized gimbal, which delivers real-time colour or infrared imagery to the indigenously designed and optimized ground control stations.




Wing Span



1.5 m

Max. Take-off Weight

~5 kg


8-10 km


60 - 90 minutes



Operating Altitude

500 m AGL, 15,000 ft ASL ceiling altitude


PSOC based Controller Auto Pilot developed by NAL

In-house developed Control laws


In-house developed software hosted on

Rugged, Waterproof Laptop

Mission planning, Video relay / recording


Interchangeable Daylight or Thermal Camera with Gimbal control or Mapping Payload

Launch and Recovery

Hand-Launch and Belly Landing

Indigenous Content

All composite Structure


All composite Structure

User Friendly GCS

User Friendly GCS

Micro Autopilot  System

Micro Autopilot




Surveillance Payload - Interchangeable (EO/IR) 2-axis Gimbal

Surveillance Payload - Interchangeable (EO/IR) 2-axis Gimbal

Mapping Payload – Mirror less DSLR Camera along with the controller


Mapping Payload – Mirror less DSLR Camera along with the controller


Surveillance Application

Geospatial Mapping Applications

  1. Raster Scan Survey of large areas
  2. Static Object Tracking
  3. Detection, Recognition and Identification of Objects
  4. Moving Object Tracking



  1. Open Cast Mines
  2. Sand Ridges
  3. Other Civil Applications
Target tracking

Target tracking

3D mapping of the open cast coal mines (Sonepur-Bazari, Bahula, West Bengal)

3D mapping of the open cast coal mines (Sonepur-Bazari, Bahula, West Bengal)


Digital Elevation Model of the coal mines

Digital Elevation Model of the coal mines


Probable User for SUCHAN


USER / Department


SUCHAN Support


Search & Rescue Missions

  • Aerial Visual Support to identify stranded individuals, survivors for earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, etc.


Man – Animal Conflicts

  • Monitoring Elephant crossing over railway lines.
  • Monitoring movement of specific animals

Survey Department

Aerial Survey

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Terrain


Open Cast mine survey

  • DEM of mines.
  • Volume estimation of the dig and pile



  • Agriculture Field Scouting
  • NDVI mapping of agricultural land to help farmers
  • Irrigation management
  • Livestock Monitoring

Oil & Gas

Line Monitoring

  • Pipe Line Monitoring for 10km range

Armed Force

Border Patrol

  • Monitoring LOC
  • Perimeter Monitoring of the Army Base
  • Air Support for decision making

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