PZT Powder and Multilayered Stacks

PZT Powder and Multilayered Stacks


Technology for development of PZT powder at 10 kg / batch

Technology developed for preparation of PZT-5H grade powder with high piezo-electric charge constant (d33 >550 pC/N) at 10 kg/ batch. The powder was prepared at 10Kg/batch with consistent properties from batch to batch.


Technology for Fabrication of PZT multilayered stacks by tape casting technique

PZT multi-layered stacks fabrication method is standardised using tape casting technique with PZT layers of thickness 90-100µm. These ML stacks were characterized by high block force (~ 5200N) and displacements. The technique can be extended for ML stack fabrication of other ceramic materials such as alumina, zirconia etc.


Photograph of PZT tape (300 x 120 mm2)


Photograph of fabricated PZT ML stacks

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