Portable, in-situ impact machine with force transducers for damage tolerance studies

Portable, in-situ impact machine with force transducers for damage tolerance studies

Study of effect of the impact and extent of the damage on the composite structures, is very much important in the damage tolerant studies.  These studies require impact test needs to be carried out with control over energy of impact. In addition, it is required to carry out impact at designated points without multiple impacts. Most of the commercially available impact testing facilities are fixed setups and cannot be used for field trials or the cases where structure is big.

ACD has developed a portable in-situ impact tower that overcomes the limitations of conventional drop weight impact-testing machine. The impactor is designed with an instrumented tup to generate Force vs. Time plot during the impact. The impact-testing machine consist of an impact head, pulley assembly and variable mass. The impact head, the main component of the impact machine can be adjusted with variable mass (dead weight) as per the requirement. The vertical frame can be moved to align with the desired impact location on the component. To avoid re-bouncing of the impact head a mass catcher plate is designed and incorporated at the rear of the impact testing machine.

The features of the impact testing machine are user friendly, single shot impact, avoidance of the bounce of the impact head, impact with wide range of energies. It is found from experiments that impact test machine is able to impact with specific energy and at desired locations without bouncing. The machine is calibrated for various energies of impact. Technology Package Consists of

  1. Drop weight impact tower capable of carrying out  impacts  from 3J to 100 J in steps of 1J,at desired location with +/- 2mm location accuracy.
  2. Instrumented tup with force sensors  capable of measuring forces up to 22kN, with necessary signal conditioners
  3. Data acquisition systems along with necessary software for data acquisition  (Optional)

 Instrimented Tup

 Force Vs.Time  


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