Hardware – in – the Loop Simulation Facility for MAVs

Hardware – in – the Loop Simulation Facility for MAVs

PC based Hardware in Loop Simulation (HILS) set up is used for the verification of the onboard autopilot software and hardware functionalities in the simulation environment. The set-up has been developed using a real time target machine, with a

Typically, This real time UAV flight simulation on the HILS platform provides the required input signal interfaces for the NAL Autopilot Board, as in actual flight. This enables the Autopilot functionality to be tested in the lab itself.


Autopilot hardware and software functionalities has been verified extensively in the HILS set-up before carrying out the flight-testing experiments. The proposed HILS has good fidelity in terms of the sensor protocols of the autopilot board.



Techniques applied in this facility: Model based design – Rapid Control prototyping


Major clients of this facility: Autopilot design and flight-test team, FMCD, ALD and MAV Unit.

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