ARINC 818 IP core for High Speed Avionics Solution

ARINC 818 IP core for High Speed Avionics Solution

NAL818 is ARINC 818 compliant FPGA IP Core with support for video and data for high speed application.

Easy to use interfaces for native connectivity.


Device Support: Xilinx Spartan-6, Zync-7 Series,

Tools Support : ISE and Vivado Design suite

DO 254 Complaint : By Q2 2016


Key Features:

  • High Performance optimized for video data

  • 3.178 Gbps data rate tested

  • Functionally tested for 1400 X 1050 pixel of video data at 60 Hz refresh rate

  • Configurable to custom resolution

  • Resource Optimized design for Transmitter and Receiver


Current Status:

  • Functionally tested as per ARINC 818 for both transmitter and receiver


Native Interface:

  • Raw 24 Bit RGB with Vsync, Hsync, DE and CLK

  • DVI and HDMI interfaces (Optional)



  • DO 254 Process is in progress and expected to comply by Q2 2017.

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