ARINC 664 IP core for High Speed Avionics Solution

ARINC 664 IP core for High Speed Avionics Solution

NAL664 is ARINC 664 compliant FPGA IP Core with support for data for high speed application.

Fully compliant to Aircraft Data Network Architecture for IMA implementation . Avionics Mission computer, Aircraft data Network, Remote data concentrator .

Comparable to AFDX data bus by Boeing and Airbus


Device Support: Xilinx Spartan-6,Virtex-6, Virtex-7 Zync-7 Series,

Tools Support : ISE and Vivado Design suite

Key Features:

  • Compliant dual-channel ARINC 664 Part 7 and part4

  • Dual redundant network support

  • Capable of safety critical data transmit at 10/100mbps in FD or HD Mode

  • Full design running in hardware stack without software offloading

  • 64 VL handling capability

  • The design is done based on DO-254 L-A requirements

  • Deterministic packet delivery

  • Support VL scheduling


Current Status:

  • Functionally tested as per ARINC 664 for both transmitter and receiver with COTS AFDX Aircraft data network

Last updated on : 04-03-2019 11:48:36am