Advanced Display System (ADS)

Advanced Display System (ADS)

ADS is an non smart display system, developed at CSIR-NAL for FAR 25 class of aircraft.

15 inch active matrix liquid crystal display with LED back light.



  • Dual  redundant ARINC 818 input .

  • Supports 1400*1050 resolution(SXGA+).

  • Supports widescreen 15.1” display symbologies with 60hz update rate .

  • Low dimming in night conditions

  • Brightness control with analog input (0-28Vdc)

  • Supports remote processing system connectivity with A429 output channels.

  • Display location can be selected automatically through location discrete.





 Active Area



 No of Pixels



 No of Colour



 Thermal Interface

 Conduction, Radiation


 Viewing Angle



 Luminance (max)



 Power Supply

 +28 Vdc (two redundant hot standby with   +12vdc as lower threshold


 Unit Power @ 28V input



 Operating temperature

 -40 to +70

 Deg C

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