FSS Technology for Aerospace Applications

FSS Technology for Aerospace Applications

Frequency selective surfaces (FSS) are widely used as spatial filter for the design of absorbers, radomes, dichroic plates, and reflector antennas in the microwave and millimeter wave frequency regime. In such applications, FSS structures are mainly employed to enhance the performance of the device within the specified band and reduce the radar signature outside the band. CEM team has been involved for last one decade for the design and development of radome, antennas, and RAS using FSS technology for aerospace application.



  • Capable of designing FSS based
    • High performance low observable radomes
    • Low observable antennas
    • Radar absorbing structures
    • Interest towards applications in locomotives and smart buildings for wireless communications
    • Metamaterial based FSS for advance applications

Facilities where this techniques is used:

In a National Facility: FSS-based D&D Facility for Aerospace Applications (Airborne Radomes and RAS) established in 2010 at CSIR-NAL.


Major milestones / results of this technique:


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