Microwave Anechoic Chamber (NAL-MAC)

Microwave Anechoic Chamber (NAL-MAC)

The microwave anechoic chamber (NAL-MAC) was established and certified at CEM, CSIR-NAL in 2002. This facility was established to support radome design and development programme at CSIR-NAL.



  • Fully automated with three axis positioner

  • Certified to 60 dB down performance

  • Completely shielded chamber (dimension: 10.5m x 7.3m x 3.1m)

  • Quite zone size: 1 m x 1m x 0.7 m

  • Frequency range: 2-40 GHz

  • Antenna pattern characterization

  • Preliminary EM test for radome panels


Major Clients of the Facility:

  • DRDO Labs

  • HAL

  • IAF

  • ADA



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