Aircraft Prototype Manufacturing Facility

Aircraft Prototype Manufacturing Facility (APMF) is the manufacturing Division of CSIR-NAL that undertakes all the metallic manufacturing of aerospace components, Sheet metal parts, aircraft toolings, high precision wind tunnel models and Jig elements. At APMF, precision and accuracy are given utmost importance to produce high quality aerospace components and assemblies, meeting the exacting tolerance requirements. The division located in two campuses of CSIR-NAL, i.e., Kodihalli and Belur has adopted innovative methods to solve the toughest manufacturing challenges and deliver the products with quality and reliability.


Major Capabilities of the Division

  • 3, 4 & 5 Axis High Speed Machining of Complex Aerospace components

  • High precision machining of Wind tunnel models and Aircraft components to highest standards

  • CAD/CAM Services

  • Design of Aircraft Assembly Jigs & Gauges

  • Assembly Jig Fabrication, Setting & Certification

  • Form Blocks & Assembly Fixtures

  • Annealing, Solutionising & Rubber Press forming of Sheet Metal Components

  • 3D CMM & Dimensional Inspection and Large Volume Metrology activities

  • Calibration of Hand held Measuring Instruments, Machine tools and Surface plate

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Electroplating & Painting

  • TIG Welding

  • Apprenticeship Training Programme


Manufacturing and Engineering Software Facilities


  1. Autodesk Power Shape

  2. Autodesk Power Mill

  3. Catia V5

  4. CG Tech-Vericut

  5. Autodesk Power Inspect

  6. PolyWorks Inspector

  7. PolyWorks Modeler

  8. Metrolog XG




Ravishankar S Dr

Technical Staff(54)

Anatha ramu
Anban S V
Anil Kumar M
Anupam Mantry
Arun Kumar J
Ashok Achanur
Bhaskarachar C K
Chetan B C
Dhananjaya J
Guruswamy G
Joseph Arvind
Karthik B Kamat
Kiran Kanchi
Krishnamurthy R
Kumar K
Lakshmikanth setty
Mahesha N
Maheshwarappa B
Mohan babu I
Naresh K R
Naveen Kumar CB
Papanna M
Pradeep M S
Punitha S J
Radha BR
Raghavendra R
Raghavendraswamy M
Rajendran C
Rakshith Kumar A J
Ramachandra K N
Ramesh M
Ramesha V B
Ravi C
Ravichandran A
Ravikumar N
Renuka H K
Santosh Kumar J
Shanmugham M S
Shashi Kumar V
Shashikanth P R
Shivanna T B
Shri Sarvasiddi Shiva
Shri Swaroop Kumar Bagh
Shri Vijayanarayanan A
Siva kumar N
Srinivasa R
Suresh M
Syed Farooq
Umesh K R
Veeresha N
Vishal Kumar
Viswanathan K

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