Airport Instrumentation Group

The vision of Airport Instrumentation Group of CSIR-NAL is to develop indigenous products enabling self-sufficiency in the field of Airport Meteorological Instrumentation required for Aviation Sector.  The Group has developed many State-of-the-art Indigenous aviation meteorological instruments viz., Transmissometers, Automated Weather Monitoring Stations, Forward Scatter Meter, etc. The systems developed are rugged, reliable with least maintenance requirements.


The systems are catered to the requirements for both Civilian and defence airports through India Meteorological Department for Civilian Airports and Tata Power SED for Defence Airports. Around 100 Drishti Transmissometers have been successfully developed and made operational at International Airports and Indian Air force bases across the country.  The most stringent and crucial CAT IIIB airport of the country viz., Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi has 13 Drishti systems in all its 3 Runways and two Automated Weather Observing Stations for safe operations. 


The group has received many prestigious awards for the innovative development of Drishti. To name a few CSIR’s Technology Award, CSIR-NAL’s Best Innovation Award, NRDC’s Best Product Award, IETE Diamond Jubilee corporate award, IESA Best Product award and Make in India Award.


Another important research area is on the development of Ultra High temperature Ceramic Composite components (UHTC’s) through Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis. The developed UHTC components are full scale products like CD Nozzles, Near Net Shaped Throat Inserts (NNSTI), Flame Strut and Combustion Chamber Lining weighing up to 2kg/batch. All these products have been successfully evaluated by the users for withstanding maximum temperature of 3300K with heat flux at the rate of 50MW per square meter. It can also withstand plume gas velocity in the hypersonic region at 20bar pressure. The developed UHTCs have huge thermal shock resistance with negligible control surface erosion and are suitable for very high specific impulse propulsion systems.


Another expertise is in the field of Electro Thermal property measurements of solid materials as a function of temperature and Pressure. The following are the few characterisation Techniques developed.



This instrument provides simple method of measuring resistivity of metals, alloys and semiconductors as a function of temperature- a simple method to probe first order and continuous phase transitions in metallic & semiconductor systems. It is also capable of measuring conductivity of composite materials.


Thermopower Analyzer

Thermoelectric power (TEP) is a powerful diagnostic tool to probe the electronic band structure of conducting materials. The system provides Simultaneous measurement of both TEP and Resistivity facilitating tracking of continuous phase boundaries.


Differential Thermal Analyzer

Differential Thermal Analyzer (DTA) is a technique to record a thermal event in the sample by comparing it with a reference material which is devoid of any physical or chemical changes in the temperature range of interest.


AC Calorimeter

AC Calorimeter is based on the measurement of the linear response of a metallic sample subjected to oscillatory heat input. The oscillatory part of the temperature rise in the sample is inversely related to the specific heat of the sample. Simultaneous measurement of Specific heat and AC Resistivity is the unique feature of this system.


Ananda C M

Principal Scientist(2)

Arul Paligan A
Sivakumar G

Technical Staff(2)

Jithuraj V
Krishnamurthy R

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