Experimental Aerodynamics Division

Experimental Aerodynamics Division carries out research in three distinct disciplines. These are Aircraft and Spacecraft Aerodynamics, including intake, after-body and base flows; Flow Structure and Management, including high-lift aerodynamics, flow control and drag reduction methods and Flow Diagnostics including Aeroacoustics. The significant investigations that are carried out in the division include: self-activated flaps for passive control of separation on MAVs, acoustic characterization of jet with launch structure during liftoff, powered propeller effects on UAV aerodynamics, control of shock induced separation using vortex generators and unsteady shock motion control using steady micro-jet actuators, wepon bay flow control, development of flow diagnostic tools.


Venkatakrishnan L Dr

Deputy Head

Shashi Bhushan Verma Dr

Principal Scientist(5)

Karthikeyan N
Manisankar C
Senior Principal Scientist Sathia Narayanan
Sudhakar S
Suriyanarayanan P

Senior Scientist(4)

Arivoli Durai
Ashwin Kumar Subramanyam
Kiran Chutkey
Viji M


Ishan Singh

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