Aerospace Electronics and Systems Division

Aerospace Electronics and Systems Division involve in research and development in five major disciplines of Civil Aircraft Avionics and Embedded systems, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Micro Air Vehicles (Autopilot hardware & Vision System Technologies) and Active Noise Control system design. The prime objective of the division is to address the civil aircraft activities for CSIR and national programs in particular and general aviation, regional class of civil aircraft in general. Division’s expertise are in Avionics Architectures, Systems and Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Active Noise Control, IMA based open architecture systems, Digital Signal Processing, Aircraft Fight Data Analysis System, Technologies for MAV like Vision Aided Navigation and Embedded 9DoF MEMS digital Sensor based Autopilot System.

Division has developed Avionics Suite for 2 Seater Hansa, 19 Seater Saras and in process of designing Cockpit Display System for 60 to 90 seater transport aircraft. Apart from civil aircraft activities, division is also actively contributing in strategic sector avionics technologies development.



  • Systems Engineering  for Avionics, MAV and embedded micro-electronics
  • Software Engineering for highly safety critical systems and formal methods
  • Expertise in DO178B/C, DO 254, DO 160G
  • Active Noise Control for low frequency noise reduction
  • Vision system technologies for guidance and  navigation
  • Advanced Avionics Architectures
  • ARINC 653 based IMA system design and Model based D&D
  • Innovative MAV Microelectronics payload
  • Civil certification and qualification of avionics systems
  • FPGA based IP cores Design, Development and Certification


Major Programs

  • Saras Avionics Suite
  • Hansa Avionics Suite
  • Indigenous D&D of IMA, SWS, EFIS, EICAS and AFCS systems for general and regional class
  • IP Core Development
  • MAV Related Technologies
  • Vision based technologies for MAV
  • Smart and Enhanced Fatigue Meter
  • Active Noise control for pilot helmet, aircraft cabin & infant incubator
  • Flight data analysis and software D&D for airlines operators as part of FOQA


Ananda C M Dr

Senior Principal Scientist(3)

Sundara Rao Gorantla
Vaitheeswaran Iyer S M Dr
Veena S

Principal Scientist(7)

Anandaraj D
Jagannadham V V
Lokesha H
Pankaj Akula
Ramanathan S G
Venkatesh K S

Senior Scientist(1)

Mainak Ghoshhajra


Sunil Prasad

Technical Staff(8)

Ashoka Raja Y M
Nagaraja Patagar
Navaneetha S
Sathish Babu M
Raghavendra Saraf
Shri Ampolu Simhachalam

Admin Staff(1)

Vasantha K N

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