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The Centre for Societal Missions and Special Technologies (CSMST), which is primarily a polymer composites product development centre, has two segments under its umbrella; the strategic and the societal. The first catering to the needs of strategic sector and the second, tasked with translating aerospace technologies for the benefit of common man.


The special technologies segment includes niche polymer composite products such as airborne radomes, complex air intake ducts, large aerospace grade autoclaves, micro air vehicle airframes, composite enclosures for avionics etc.


The societal segment is actively pursuing renewable energy programs focusing on indigenization of small and medium wind solar hybrid systems for low speed Indian wind conditions apart from being engaged in large Doppler Weather Radome development.


In addition, CSMST has strong presence in the areas relating to research and development of smart materials, 3D woven composites, microwave curing, nano technologies, environmental conditioning etc.


The centre has been actively engaged in Transfer of Technologies (ToT) and Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) to disseminate its technologies/products to the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) units and Private Industries.


The ToT of Jaguar fighter aircraft nose cone radome is being effectively pursued with HAL, Bengaluru and the first trial radome has been successfully produced at HAL’s facilities to meet the needs of Indian Air Force.


The aerospace grade autoclave development and marketing PPP consortium led by NAL and comprising of M/s. UCE Mumbai and M/s. DATASOL, Bengaluru is running well. Several orders from the strategic sector have been bagged against stiff international competition. The longest autoclave in India as on date has been designed, developed and commissioned by this consortium at ASL, DRDO Hyderabad. Small lab scale autoclaves have been developed and commissioned for premier educational institutions such as IIT Kanpur, MIT Manipal and IIT Bombay as part of societal outreach endeavors.


The ToT of DWR Mark II Doppler weather radome has been provided to BEL, Navi Mumbai for production to meet the needs of India Meterological Department (IMD).


Further, an MoU has been signed with M/s. Enerzi Microwave Systems, Belagavi for R&D collaboration in new areas such as the dual frequency microwave and hybridized autoclave - microwave curing of polymer composites.


Similarly, an MoU has been signed with M/s. Aparna Renewable Energy Sources, Bengaluru for marketing and manufacture of 1kW rooftop wind-solar hybrid systems for prominent science and engineering colleges in and around Bengaluru. At the time of reporting, 5 systems have been successfully commissioned and data in real time is being logged from these units.


The renewable energy team at CSMST has very recently installed the completely indigenous largest wind solar hybrid system within Bengaluru (incorporating the NAL wind turbine having a 50 feet rotor at 100 feet above ground level on a hillock at Nagarbhavi,  in association with KREDL, Govt. of Karnataka. This has become a center of attraction for the general public.

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