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 Engineering functional unit completed.
Level / Scale of Development  Undergoing SOF tests.

6. Environmental Considerations MIL STD 810D

7. Status of Commercialization Will be initiated after SOF tests
8. Major Raw Materials to be utilized
32 bit Microcontroller, Single axis MEMS
9. Major Plant Equipment and accelerometer, Anodized aluminium for the box,
Machinery Required Touch key pad, Vaccum Flourescent , Display,
power supply module, electronic components as
10. Techno-Economics per the Bill Of Material

11. Technology package Equipment for fabrication of metal box, PCB design,
12. Contact Details fabrication as per B certificate, quality soldering as
per mil std, Design capability to meet MIL STD
810D qualification tests

Indigenized fatigue meter can be used effectively
across different types of aircraft like fighter, civil or
Unmanned Air vehicles
Indigenized eFm is likely to be used in various
types of aircrafts such as :
 Fighter aircrafts 200 numbers
 UAVs 10 Numbers
 The indigenous development of eFM is likely to

result in savings of approximately 4 Million US
dollars for the country.
 The technology and Intellectual property (IP)
rights are within our country which has
potentials to fetch Foreign Exchange to the tune
of 5 Million US dollars when there is scope for
the technology to be sold to foreign countries.

The technology package for eFM includes the

1. Configurability
2. Adaptability
3. Flexibility
In addition to the main operational flight program

The Director
CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories
PB 1779, Old Airport Road, Kodihalli,
Bangalore - 560 017,
Tel : +91 80 2508 6000
Fax : +91 80 2526 0862

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