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1. Title of Enhanced Fatigue Meter (eFM)
Product/Process/Design/Equipment Patent/Copyright filing is in consideration.

IPR Status

2. Secured in India/Abroad

IPR Details  Calculating remaining life of fighter aircraft,
3. Application/Uses
 Pilot evaluation during training, Estimation of
correct design weight required for new aircraft
design like UAV

 Algorithms developed can be used for structural
life monitoring unit which are part of the IVHM
(Integrated vehicle health monitoring) and HUMS
(Health and usage monitoring system)

 Algorithms to compute the fatigue failures in
railway axle

 Structural monitoring of Antennas (Mechanical
structural fatigue analysis)

 Enhanced fatigue meter is the latest state of art

system with a micro processor and MEMS


 System caters to the needs of the end users

 The eFM is capable of computing the ‘g’

crossings for the aircraft with the flight and the

sortie number, compute the fatigue index,

continuous logging of the ‘g’ values with the time

stamp, configuring the ‘g’ crossings, the minimum

and maximum ‘g’ for a particular aircraft and the

correction factor for computing the g based on

the unit mounting.

 The various configurable data will be the critical

‘g’ crossings for the particular aircraft, ‘g’ range of

4. Salient Technical Features including the aircraft
Competing Features
 The eFM unit will provide a selectable flight
mission input that allows the pilot to record the

mission schedule for each flight.

 Configuration of the unit is provided by the

keyboard interface

 The eFM unit has the provision to alert for a

download of data when the memory is 95% full

so as not to overwrite the data.

 The eFM unit will warn in case the g limits for the

particular aircraft are exceeded.

 The eFM unit will inform the health status of the


 User friendly Maintenance Software for post data

analysis and also configuration prior to flight

 single unit across the fleet of the aircraft

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