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1. Title of Active Noise Control System for pilot
Product/Process/Design/Equipment helmet

IPR Status

2. Paten/Copyright/Trademark Is in consideration
Secured in India/Abroad

IPR Details

3. Application/Uses Application:
Fighter and transport aircrafts, helicopters,
Medical application - infant incubators (spin-off)

Mitigation of health hazards resulting from
exposure to high noise levels.
Enhancement of pilot comfort

4. Salient Technical Features including Low frequency noise attenuation – 15dB
Competing Features Compact, stand alone, batter operated and
can be integrated with any helmet/headset

5. Level / Scale of Development The system has been implemented and tested.
The qualification of the system is to be initiated.

6. Environmental Considerations Industrial grade

7. Status of Commercialization Technology is ready for commercialization

Electronic components, Mechanical enclosure

8. Major Raw Materials to be utilized and accessories along with ANC algorithm as


Equipment for fabrication of metal box, PCB

9. Major Plant Equipment and design, fabrication, quality soldering, Design
Machinery Required capability to meet DO 160G, DO 254 Level A
and DO 178B Level A qualification tests

applicable for airworthy requirements

ANC system has potential requirements for

10. Techno-Economics aircrafts, laboratories, hospitals and other

critical acoustic/hearing verticals

ANC is packages as a system with hardware,

11. Technology package software and complete system. The package is

tuned/configured for specific requirement.

The Director

CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories

PB 1779, Old Airport Road, Kodihalli,

12. Contact Details Bangalore - 560 017,
Tel : +91 80 2508 6000

Fax : +91 80 2526 0862



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