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1. Title of Product/Process/ Integrated Global Bus Avionics Processing
IPR Status System
Patent filing is in consideration. NAL hold the IP for
2. Secured in India/Abroad the system however some 3rd party COTS IPs have
also been used in this system.
IPR Details
Modular open architecture processing system for
3. Application/Uses CIVIL Avionics

4. Salient Technical Features including  Strict Time and memory partitioning
Competing Features  ARINC 664 global bus communication

5. Level / Scale of Development ( Indigenous development first time in INDIA )
 Multiple simultaneous video output on ARINC
6. Environmental Considerations
7. Status of Commercialization 818 Fiber channel
8. Major Raw Materials to be utilized  Dual redundant VPX backplane with extreme

high reliability numbers
 Reconfigurable I/O system
 Dual hot standby power distribution modules
 State of the art thermal management scheme
 ARINC615A compliant data loading scheme
 NAL own development of ARINC429 FPGA IP

 NAL own development of ARINC 818 FPGA IP

 NAL own development of ARINC 708 FPGA IP

 The laboratory version of the IGAPS hardware is

realized and functional
 The indigenous OPENGL library is ready
 All the necessary drivers and software modules

has been developed.
 The real-time test rig for simulating and analyzing

all the I/Os have been developed.
 Basic documentation and artifacts for the system

has been generated
The component has been selected based on
DO160G category as part of design. The detail
environmental requirements for vibration, pressure,
temperature have already been identified and
appropriate test category also identified.
Discussions are in progress for commercialization
of this product worldwide.
M/S Astronautics from Israel are interested in this
system as an retrofit for their existing programs.
Defense labs ADA and ADE have shown interest in
this system.

Electronic components, Mechanical enclosure and

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