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1. Title of Advanced Display System for Aircraft Cockpit

IPR Status Patent filing is in consideration. NAL hold the IP for
Patent/Copyright/Trademark the system however some 3rd party COTS IPs have
also been used in this system.
2. Secured in India/Abroad

IPR Details

3. Application/Uses Modular open architecture processing system for
CIVIL Avionics and cockpit display system

 Dual redundant ARINC 818 global bus

communication ( Indigenous development first time

4. Salient Technical Features including in INDIA for civil )

Competing Features  Dual redundant architecture

 Dual hot standby power scheme

 State of the art thermal management scheme

 The lab version of the ADS hardware is realized

and functional

 All the necessary drivers and software modules has

5. Level / Scale of Development been developed.
 The real-time test rig for simulating and analyzing

all the I/Os have been developed.

 Basic documentation and artifacts for the system

has been generated

The ADS system is designed in compliance with DO

6. Environmental Considerations 160G.
The actual environmental tests are planned to be

carried out during airworthy process.

Discussions are in progress with various agencies

7. Status of Commercialization Defense labs ADA and ADE have shown interest in

this system.

8. Major Raw Materials to be utilized Electronic components, Mechanical enclosure,
AMLCD glass and accessories

9. Major Plant Equipment and Equipment for fabrication of metal box, PCB design,
Machinery Required fabrication, quality soldering, Design capability to
meet DO 160G, DO 254 Level A and DO 178B Level
A qualification tests

10. Techno-Economics Indigenized ADS can be used effectively across
11. Technology package different types of aircraft like fighter, civil or
Unmanned Air vehicles

Indigenized ADS is likely to be used in various types
of aircrafts such as :

 NCA90


The technology package for ADS includes the
1. Full Functional dual redundant ARINC 818 based

high speed communication display interface
2. Adaptability
3. Flexibility

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