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#IP 1160 15-21 Dec 2014

Release of 40th issue of KANAADA and Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations at CSIR- NAL Bangalore

28th Nov 2014 marked yet another milestone in the history of KSS, CSIR – NAL. The day flagged out with the release of the 40th issue of KANAADA,  a journal which compiles science and technology related papers in kannada .

The program began with a welcome dance by the students of Matruka Nrityashale, Girinagar, Bangalore tuned to the famous kannada patriotic song in praise and respect of the karnataka flag- "yerisi harisi kannadada bavuta" composed by Sri B M Srikantaiah. The audience applauded the dancers for their performance on the song which glorifies the richness of the language and the state.

The KSS president Dr CM Manjunatha welcomed the chief guests Sri Pundalika Halambi, President Kannada Sahitya Parishat (KSP) and Dr A.P Radhakrishna, Physics Professor, St Philomina College Puttur and Sri Shyam Chetty, Director NAL along with the other dignitaries on the dais and the gathering. The other invitees in the limelight were Dr Na Someshawara, a familiar and noted face of "that antha heli" quiz program in kannada and Sri H Sudheendra, retired scientist, DRDO.

To a great round of applause, Sri Pundalika Halambi released the e- version of 40th issue of KANAADA. In his address he was all praise to KSS, NAL for bringing out  KANAADA issues year after year for the last 39 years. He shared his views and efforts in the upliftment and spread of kannada language by the Parishat.

President KSP was overwhelmed by the efforts of a National Lab in bringing out scientific articles in the vernacular language and also expressed his happiness as the KSS was releasing its 40th issue of KANAADA  coinciding with the centenary celebrations of KSP. He shared his views on joining hands with KSS NAL to have a workshop/ conference in kannada jointly as part of their centenary celebrations. To this the audience welcomed his enthusiasm & applauded. The President KSS opined that with the consent of the Director the KSS will try to look into this joint participation. He wished the KSS continues its efforts in safeguarding the language and traditions of karnataka.

Prof A P Radhakrishna, also a regular contributor to KANAADA, spoke of his association with KANAADA and the importance of such a journal to common man. He appreciated the sangha's tireless efforts in promoting S&T in the state particularly in the rural areas from the past 40 years.

On behalf of KSS, Director NAL, honoured the chief guests of the day in the traditional style of karnataka. He then  presided over the function and released the kannada version of the director's report. Prizes were distributed by the chief guests to all the winners of various cultural programs organized as part of Rajyotsava celebrations. The program ended with  vote of thanks by Dr Shylaja Srihari, secretary of KSS.

The evening cultural program had Dr Banandur Kempaiah, Ex-President, Karnataka Janapada Academy and an Internationally renowned folk singer. The entire evening program was filled with surprises and suspense for the audience as it covered the welcoming of the august audience, introduction of the chief guest and honouring him, a dance sequence Nudi Gejje on kannada patriotic songs by Matruka Nrityashale students , also honouring the danseuse Vidhya Shankar who led the students by Mrs Surekha Chetty and the vote of thanks all knitted into a comedy drama "PRALAYA-Sathyameva Jayathe" enacted by the artists of KSS. The beginning of the program with a huge sounding  as Pralaya , put the audience –young and old , into a vibrant thrilling mood most of them looking  confused not knowing whether the evening program  has started. But the sequences of the play took the audience through the program till the last item of the day the vote of thanks by Secretary, KSS. Only then the audience completely submerged in the comedy drama which took them from Bhooloka to Pralaya loka and then to Devaloka and back to bhooloka realised that the cultural program had ended for the day.

All applause to the entire drama team of KSS led by Sri Raghavendra  of ICAST, the brain behind this play who contributed for its script and direction which NAL had hitherto not witnessed such mixing  of program and the play.

In between during the honouring of the chief guest of the evening, Dr Banandur Kempaiah by the Director NAL, the veteran was asked to share his folklore songs by his melodious voice which he did with great fervor and for quite some time the audience were also taken to a world of Janapada loka, quite interesting isn't  it to sit in a place and move to various lokas?.

The program  ended with Director distributing the momentos to all the artists of the comedy drama.

The events were etched in the minds  of the audience. We hope it lasts for an year with them till we come back next year for Rajyotsava celebrations with more pomp and glamour with all your support.     

Jai Karnataka Mathe

Shylaja Srihari and Revathi

#IP 1159 8 - 14 Dec 2014

NI Awards from National Instruments US  

Drishti Transmissometer -- A visibility measuring system developed by CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories was declared as the Winner of the “System Engineering Award, 2014” on 18th September 2014 in NI days 2014 conference under NI Engineering Impact Awards.  This year, Graphical System Design Achievement Awards 2014 has been re-branded globally as NI Engineering Impact Awards from National Instruments US. National Instruments is known for its Graphical design software (LabView) and hardware (cRIO & PXI) suitable for field site applications.  Drishti Team (Dr ShubhaV, Sivakumar G, Arul Paligan A and Krishna Murthy R) received the award at NIMHANS Convention Hall on the occasion of NI Days 2014.

CSIR-NAL was also declared as the Winner of the “Application of the year Award, 2014” at the same function for Drishti Transmissometer.

The President, CEO & Co-founder of National Instruments -- Dr James Truchard has made the following comments when he visited NAL on 10th September 2013 on Drishti –“Drishti is an excellent example of how LabView and LabView FPGA can be used to create incredible cyber-physical systems. The team has efficiently and effectively leveraged a platform based approach in implementing an impressive solution like DRISHTI. ”

Mr Victor Miers, Vice President, Marketting of Asia/Rest of World, National Instruments commented “It is commendable effort by the team from NAL in solving the challenges faced in Aviation. I am happy to see the utility of our tools in enabling such applications”.   

CSIR-NAL also received the “Runners-Up award for in Systems Category” for Design and Development of a Real Time Impact Monitoring System, ImpactVIEW, for Aircraft Structures using NI PXIe and LabVIEW. This system is capable of providing the real time information about the location and energy of impact using distributed fiber optic sensors and strain gauges on composite structures. The award was received by Augustin M J, Harshita B B, Praveen Nagarajan, Amitabha Datta and Nitesh Gupta of Advanced Composite Division.

Siva Subba Rao’s  distinction

Mr P Siva Subba Rao, Principal Scientist, DSAG, STTD has been elected as a fellow of

  1. The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Electronics, New Delhi
  2. The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata


#IP 1158 1 - 7 Dec 2014

ISAMPE NECTAR Workshop on “Lightning Protection of Aircraft”

In March 2008, CSIR-NAL set up a unique endowment fund with Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE), called the NAL Endowment for Composites Technology, Advancement and Research (NECTAR) with the objective to promote R&D activities in computational, experimental and theoretical aspects of composite materials and related technologies. ISAMPE promotes this objective by organizing highly specialized workshops every alternate year on domains of contemporary interest of the composite community in the country.

The third workshop in this series was held on the topic “Lightning Protection of Aircraft” from 10-12 November 2014 at NAL, Bangalore. The course was conducted by Mr. Stephen Haigh, Principal Scientist and Mr. Daniel Morgan, Scientist from Cobham Technical Services, Lightning Testing and Consultancy, Oxfordshire, UK. The three day workshop was attended by nearly 50 participants spread across different organisations like NAL, ADA, HAL, ADE, CABS, DGAQA and HCL Technologies. The Inaugural Session for the event was organized on 10th Nov 2014 in presence of Mr. Shyam Chetty, Director, NAL.  The session started with a welcome address by Dr. Ramesh Sundaram, President-ISAMPE, who also introduced the invited speakers to the delegates. Thereafter, Dr. AR Upadhya, Director-ISAMPE shared his thoughts on the background and relevance of the topic to the audience. Mr. Stephen Haigh then gave a short introduction to the set the tone and expectations from the proceedings to follow. The inaugural Function concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Samudra Dasgupta, Secretary-ISAMPE.

The 10 Lectures (some along with demonstration models) that followed as part of the workshop for the next 3 days covered the following critical aspects on the above subject.

  1. Characteristics of lightning, its interaction with structures & its effect on aircraft.
  2. Standards & specifications for civil & military aircraft.
  3. Procedure for certification.
  4. Lightning damage to metal & composite structures.
  5. Damage & interruption of electrical systems by induced voltages from lightning.
  6. Test techniques for the certification of systems & equipment.
  7. Hazards to fuel systems.
  8. Lightning damage to antennae & radomes.
  9. P-Static charging problems of dielectrics including windscreens.

The hugely interactive Workshop was extremely well received by the participants and most of them gave excellent feedback regarding various aspects of the event. On the whole, the consensus which emerged at the end of the proceedings was that many of the technical queries of our scientists and engineers working in this field were clarified during the lectures and it helped in converging towards solutions related to lighting protection in our indigenous aircraft programs.

Samudra Das Gupta (ADE) and  Ramesh Sundaram (NAL)


TEAM NAL wishes our colleagues a very happy, healthy and productive life after superannuation on 30 November 2014.

Mr Gururaja G, ELK
Mr Vasudev K, IC
Mr Hanumaiah T H, CSM
Mr Jaichander T, NTAF
Mr Mahadeva M, ELK

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