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#IP 1189 13 - 19 July 2015

Venkat, our good friend, RIP

Shri A R Venkatnarayana (Venkat to his friends) passed away peacefully on 12th July, 2015 after a brief period of sickness. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter and their spouses and three grandchildren. Venkat had a B.E in Mechanical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore after which he joined Fouress a Company specializing in Design and Manufacturing of Valves and Special Purpose Machines, which is where he always used to say that he cut his teeth in design and drawings.

He joined NAL in 1979 as a Scientist and worked in the Wind Energy Division. He once took me to his division and showed me the kind of work he was doing. I was convinced that Venkat would be an asset in C-CADD, probably in the area of AircraftTool Design and Development. On a request to the Director that Venkat would be a very valuable member of the Saras team to which he readily agreed and transferred him to C-CADD.

Venkat's hallmark designs are Saras assembly jigs both for the metal  and composite wings, Fuselage assembly jigs including the associated system and sub system , Horizontal Tailand Vertical Tail jigs, Hansa assembly jigs, C-NM5 Assembly jigs and a whole lot of ICY media and gauges.

The design that Venkat made for these can compete with the best in the world. Venkat was a thorough professional to whom a drawing is the Holy Grail and should be perfect in all respects before it is released.A drawing cleared by Venkat would have copious annotations, notes, explanations, tolerances etc. Before finalizing the design he would call for a review of the design by all the concerned people to make sure that nothing has been missed out in the design.Along with the drawing/s he will also attach a detailed procedure not only for assembly of the jig but also for the aircraft assembly. 

He was a perfectionist at home as well as in the office and strongly believed that good planning is the road to success. 

We pray that his family would bear the loss with courage and equanimity. We are with the family at the hour of sadness.

I had the privilege and honour to have Venkat in my Team.

Venkat, our good friend, RIP.

Dr. K Yegna Narayan

#IP 1188 6 - 12 July 2015

Dr B R Ambedkar Birthday celebrations at NAL - 2015

Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.  -- Lord Buddha

Life should be great rather than Long – Dr. BR Ambedkar

CSIR – National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore celebrated Dr. BR Ambedkar’s 124th birthday on 28 April, 2015 at Dr. SR Valluri auditorium. The Chief Guest for the day’s celebration was Nadoja Dr. Kamala Hampana, well-known Kannada writer.  The celebration commenced with a rhythmic invocation by Ms. Kshama and team. 

Dr. R Rajendran, Liaison Officer (SC/ST) & Joint Head, Propulsion Division welcomed the gathering and  introduced the Chief Guest Nadoja Dr. Kamala Hampana to the audience.

All the dignitaries on the dais lit the ceremonial lamp, garlanded Dr. BR Ambedkar’s portrait and paid their tributes to mark the event.

Chief Guest Nadoja Dr. (Smt) Kamala Hampana addressed the audience in elegant kannada.  Dr. Kamala Hampana spoke about her thoughts on Dr. Ambedkar’s Life and Vision.

Dr. Kamala Hampana informed the audience that it has been wrongly understood by the masses that Dr. Ambedkar worked for the upliftment of the downtrodden. Truly yes, he struggled for the downtrodden, but he kept his entire country men in mind, the prevailing socio-economic conditions, inequality, lack of knowledge, poverty, favoritism which he wanted to abolish.  Keeping the Indian citizen in view, he went onto drafting the great Indian constitution; hence, the entire country salutes the great leader of India.  Dr. Kamala shared some anecdotes of her childhood days and mentioned that one of her brother who was studying law at Pune he used to come home during vacation and narrate the intense freedom struggle and related activities being carried out  under the leadership of Dr. B R Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhiji, which enlightened the minds and inspired her thoughts.  Dr. Kamala expressed that if a person is recognized for his deeds, thoughts, ideologies, then such a person must be really courageous and stimulating. Great leaders of India had such thought-provoking and motivating qualities, which lead to the freedom struggle or a mutiny in the society.  In spite of being highly educated, disciplined and well mannered, Dr. Ambedkar was treated as an untouchable.   Dr Kamala recounted a few incidents and hardships faced by Dr. Ambedkar during his childhood and his professional life, which ultimately encouraged him to promote education, socio-economic improvement, as well as work for the welfare of depressed classes of the society. Dr. Ambedkar attended all the three Round Table Conferences in London and forcefully argued for the welfare of the "untouchables".  He not only fought for the downtrodden, but he equally fought for equality and social status for women in the society.

In 1947, when India became independent, the first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, invited Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who had been elected as a Member of the Constituent Assembly from Bengal, to join his Cabinet as a Law Minister. Dr. Ambedkar was elected as Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee and the same was adopted on November 26, 1949. Dr Ambedkar argued for extensive economic and social rights for women, and also won the Assembly's support for introducing a system of reservations of jobs in the civil services, schools and colleges for members of scheduledcastes and scheduled tribes and other backward classes.

Dr. Kamala Hampana shared with the audience, as to how she developed keenness in understanding the principles of Dr. Ambedkar’s life, viz., his ideologies, the undesired discrimination in the society, need for education, recognition, liberty, equality and fraternity.  She was inspired by his acts and deeds, and went onto writing a book in Kannada entitled “Dr. B R Ambedkara Jathi Meemamse”.

Shri M S Vidyanathan, Sr. COA, congratulated the meritorious students and announced the names who secured highest marks in the SSLC exams conducted by Government of Karnataka and also the CSIR-NAL SC/ST employee’s children, who secured highest marks in Science subject. Dr. Kamala Hampana, distributed awards to the meritorious students.

Shri Shyam Chetty, Director, CSIR-NAL while presiding over the function, thanked Dr. Kamala Hampana for graciously accepting the invitation and sharing her thoughts about the life and vision of Dr. B R Ambedkar, in simple words which was truly heart touching to one and all present. One very important thing he emphasised was that, one needs to be honest, true to oneself and try to do the best for himself and for society as well.  Director mentioned that NAL is a wonderful institution and has been celebrating Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday since 1993 and continuing the welfare activities.  He congratulated all the young students for their remarkable achievement in the field of education.   

Dr. L Rangaraj, President, NAL SC/ST Employees Welfare Association  proposed the vote of thanks and  Ms. Sangeetha, KTMD ably anchored the entire programme.   


List of Dr B R Ambedkar Lectures


#IP 1187 29 June - 5 July 2015


TEAM CSIR-NAL wishes our colleagues a very happy, healthy and productive life after superannuation on 30 June 2015.

Mr Subramanya H .S., NTF
Ms Ramadevi H S, ADK
Mr Gopinath N, NTF
Mr Venkata Rao P, FAK

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