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CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories
ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

Centre for Electromagnetics (CEM)
RCS and Electromagnetic Capabilities at NAL

Radomes (for aircraft, missiles and on ground)

  • EM design and analysis of radomes

  • Integrated antenna-radome analysis capability

  • Includes paints analysis and specifies fabrication tolerances

  • Narrow-band/ broadband radome designs
  • Monolithic/ sandwich (including honeycomb) designs
  • Variable thickness radome (VTR) design

  • Hybrid-VTR design for missile radomes

  • Multi-sector optimization radome design

  • Ground-based and airborne radomes

  • High-temperature, high performance radomes

  • Stealth radomes

  • Radome EM performance enhancement
                    Broadbanding techniques
                   Tuning and correcting radome performance
  • In-house EM material characterization for candidate radome materials

  • Radome measurements at NAL-MAC
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